Workshops & Conferences

Furthering its mission as a resource to educators, CASIE offers workshops to promote professional development in the field of international education.

Individualized Workshops
As part of our consulting services, CASIE can provide individualized workshops for schools on IB, language and diversity programs. These workshops are ideally suited for professional development days in schools which are aiming to develop international and language programs, or to increase awareness of diversity-related issues. Contact Cindy Toland at or 404.848.9044 for details.

IB Workshops
CASIE offers teacher training workshops for educators from IB schools and schools that are interested in implementing IB programs. Available workshops include Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP) in most levels and subjects.

Project Zero Perspectives Conferences

Since 2010, CASIE has partnered with Harvard Graduate School of Education in two conferences per year, held at locations in the USA and abroad. Project Zero Perspectives conferences feature Harvard Graduate School of Education, Project Zero researchers and practitioners sharing highlights of their work on the following themes:

  • Artful & Visible Thinking: How do we help students develop thinking dispositions that support thoughtful learning--in the arts and across school subjects?
  • GoodWork & GoodPlay: How can we effectively learn collaboratively (both adults and children)? How are the meanings of local and global citizenship shifting in the 21st century?
  • Interdisciplinary Learning: What is the added value of exploring topics through multiple disciplinary lenses?
  • Learning In and Out of School: How do we ensure learners understand what is most important to learn, both in the traditional classroom and in non-traditional learning environments?
  • Learning in and Through the Arts: How do we inspire creativity? How can the arts help us to understand the world around us?
  • Making Learning Visible: How do we effectively document and assess individual and group learning? Why is it important to make learning visible?


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