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CASIE offers outstanding professional development workshops for IB educators:


The MYP is a challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world.


The MYP is a five-year programme, which can be implemented in a partnership between schools, or in several abbreviated (two, three or four year) formats. Students who complete the MYP are well-prepared to undertake the IB Diploma Programme (DP) or Career-related Programme (CP).


The MYP curriculum framework comprises eight subject groups, providing a broad and balanced education for early adolescents.

The MYP curriculum framework

Video Resources

The IB Middle Years Programme

In their own words, the IB Middle Years Programme explained by IB students and teachers.

What is an IB education?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a global leader in international education—developing inquiring, knowledgeable, confident, and caring young people.

The IB Learner Profile

The IB Learner Profile aims to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing our common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better, more peaceful world.

Implementing IB MYP

Explanatory PostersMYP Key Concepts through Subject Lens   (pdf)

Explanatory Posters: MYP Learner Profile  (this pdf collection is divided into three geographical regions aligned with the IB: Africa, Europe and the Middle East, The Americas and Asia Pacific) 

Explanatory Posters
: MYP Global Contexts Posters  (pdf)

My School Tutorial for IB Coordinators

Website: Follett IB MYP Store

Professional Development for MYP

WebsiteMYP Nano Resources (support and understanding about key MYP characteristics)

Website: Cross Programme Nano Resources

Website: Programme Evaluation Nano Resources

Website: What is an IB education


CASIE offers outstanding professional development workshops for IB educators:

My IB is the gateway to IB resources, applications, and communities.  This video shows you how to set up accounts in My IB.

About the IB & MYP: Resources and Communication

Document: Collaborative Planning Process

My IB: PYP Teacher Support Material  (requires log-in through My IB)   

Website: IB World Magazine  

IB Community Blogs

Blog: CASIE Community Blogs

Website: Marketing your IB Programme 

Website: IB Digital Toolkit (a wide range of communication materials)

The MYP In Practice

MYP in Practice: India

MYP: Service as Action

 What is e-Assessment?

CASIE offers outstanding professional development workshops for IB educators:

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