This autumn, join educators from around the world for the Project Zero Perspectives conference in Washington, DC. With the theme Learning Together, Leading Together we will explore strategies for deeply engaging students and for promoting a classroom culture that values thinking and global-mindedness.

The two-and-a-half day conference will offer both large and small group settings in which to explore pedagogical tools, strategies and frameworks developed at Project Zero, each addressing one or more of the following strands:

  • Encouraging Creativity and “Maker Thinking” in Children: What can we learn from the practices of educators in the arts and in the maker movement? How might we encourage creativity, play, and DIY habits of mind that are relevant to all disciplines?

  • Global Citizenship in the Digital Age: How do we as educators ensure that learners in our charge explore complex issues of global significance through multiple perspectives? What are the civic, moral and ethical opportunities and challenges afforded by the digital age? What are the implications for civic education?  

  • Leading Learning That Matters: How do schools lead conversations about what learning matters? How does the quality of school leadership support progressive pedagogy and curriculum?

  • Making Learning and Thinking Visible: How can visible representations of thinking be used as a force for student learning? How do we document and assess student and teacher learning in order to further our own learning? How do we help learners develop dispositions that support thoughtful learning across school subjects?

The Washington, DC, region has developed renown as a center for Project Zero ideas in action--across traditional public, public charter, parochial and independent school settings and in museums and arts organizations. A preconference day on Thursday, October 6, will feature classroom visits in schools that are using Project Zero pedagogical frameworks and tools to great success.

On Friday, October 7, we will spend the entire day in world-class museums, starting at the National Gallery of Art on the National Mall. Learn about ways to use museums as powerful sites for learning, engage meaningfully with art and artifacts in courses led by museum educators, and experience a theater performance that brings art to life.

On Saturday-Sunday, October 8-9, the conference will move to Washington International School in the Cleveland Park neighborhood. Make sure to stop by the library and explore the featured art installation, Weigh your Words. which utilizes an interactive platform to explore questions of identity and community.

The National Gallery of Art and Washington International School served as the sites for the first-ever Project Zero conference away from the Harvard campus, back in November 2010. Leaders in the implementation of Project Zero ideas, the NGA and WIS are pleased to welcome Project Zero Perspectives back in 2016!

Project Zero leaders such as Howard Gardner, David Perkins and Shari Tishman will be featured speakers throughout the weekend. Interactive courses, focusing on putting theory into practice, will be led by Project Zero researchers and practitioners.

The conference registration fee includes breakfast on all three days, a theater performance on Friday afternoon, lunch on Saturday, and a reception and book signing on Saturday evening.

Project Zero is an educational research group at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University. Project Zero’s mission is to understand and enhance learning, thinking and creativity in the arts, as well as humanistic and scientific disciplines, at the individual and institutional levels.

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Conference Registration: $800.00 USD


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