Have you ever wanted to see first-hand how Project Zero ideas translate into diverse urban classrooms? Into preschool settings? In International Baccalaureate programs? Well, here’s your opportunity!

Join us in Washington, DC, on Thursday, October 6, for a preconference day focused on PZ ideas in action. You’ll visit classrooms in a school of your choosing, among four that represent the diversity of learners across this great city. These schools are active participants in DC-Project Zero (DC-PZ), a local organization of over 1300 members.

For over four years, DC-PZ has offered free professional development events to educators across the national capital region. The group has garnered national attention for fostering innovative PZ practices in classrooms across traditional public schools, public charter schools, parochial schools and independent schools, as well as in museums and arts/education organizations.

Jim Reese, education chair for the conference and the local coordinator for DC-Project Zero, will kick off this special preconference session with an overview of the professional development program DC-PZ offers. Participants will then visit classrooms in one of the school sites--including a traditional DC public school, a public charter school, a parochial school and an independent school. The span of preschool to high school classrooms will be available for choosing.

Cost: $100.00 USD
Boxed lunch will be included in the cost for the preconference day.


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