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CASIE provides tailored professional development and capacity-building services to individual schools and school districts, whether for a single visit or on an ongoing basis, virtual or in-person. Our consultants focus on a variety of topics relating to international education, language learning, and progressive pedagogy. 

CASIE charges a flat fee per day of consulting services, which includes consultant honoraria, all technology expenses, and pre-and post-event conversations and follow up.

CASIE offers virtual and in-person consultations.


Once we understand what you are looking for, we will work to match you with the right person in our extensive network of excellent consultants. We will then take care of all logistics such as matching up calendars, coordinating technology, and consultant engagements.

Once we have executed a working agreement between your school and CASIE, we will introduce you to your consultant and oversee the preparations for your event. 

When your consult date arrives, a CASIE staff member will serve as a Virtual Concierge for the duration of your event, taking care of all technical logistics for your event. A second senior CASIE staff member will frame the day for your staff and serve as the Event Host throughout the event, freeing your CASIE consultant to deliver top-notch instructional content without logistical interruptions.


After your consult is finished, CASIE will follow up with you to receive feedback on the consult and to share any recommendations your consultant has submitted to us. 

Reach out to us to discuss your consulting needs!

CASIE's Executive Director, John Denine, is in charge of leading our customized professional development consulting program. 


Business and Community Engagement

Central Office Engagement

Charter School Support

Critical Friend Feedback

Equity and Access

Funding Innovative


IB Action Plans

IB Authorization

IB Coordinator Support

IB for New Teachers

IB CP and CTAE Integration

IB Programme Development Plans

Instructional Leadership Team Support

International Mindedness

Leader Coaching

Leading STEM and IB

Ongoing IB Programme Evaluation

Professional Learning Communities

Program Development

STEM Certification

STEM for New Teachers


21st Century Skills

Active Learning

AI Integration

Critical Thinking

Cultures of Thinking

Differentiated Instruction

Dual-Language Immersion

Growth Mindset

IB Approaches to Learning

IB Approaches to Teaching

IB Course Deep Dive

IB Creativity, Action, Service

IB Extended Essay

IB TOK Across the Curriculum

Maker-Centered Learning

Making Thinking Visible

Proficiency-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning

Service Learning

Social and Emotional Learning

STEM Design Process

Student Agency

Student Inquiry

Student-Centered Strategies

Supporting Student Success

Systems Thinking

Teaching for Understanding

The Creative Classroom

Thinking Routines

World Languages


Differentiated Instruction

DP Assessment

Formative Assessment

IB Assessment Policy

MYP Assessment

PYP Assessment

Rigorous and Relevant Assessment

Standard-Based Grading

Student Reflection

Summative Assessment

Vertical Articulation


Backwards Design

Collaborative Planning

Concept-Based Learning

Curriculum Design

IB Unit WRiting

Integrating Standards

Interdisciplinary Units

Local and Global Contexts

Planning for Rigor

Real World Content

STEM Unit Writing

Technology Integration

Transdisciplinary Units

Vertical Articulation

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