IB Registration Policy


All of CASIE’s IB workshop registrations are made through our online registration system, linked from this website. See the bottom of this page to find out what you will need to know/have on hand to register. Once the registration is complete, the registrant – as well as the listed IB Coordinator and billing contact – will receive a confirmation email. Until you are registered and confirmed in our system, we cannot guarantee a seat in your desired workshop.


If the workshop is full when you register, you can join a waitlist, linked at the top of the page. There is no guarantee that a seat will open up; but if it does, we will contact you and offer the option to accept the seat, at which point, payment would be due.


In general, registration will close one week before the event start date. For special consideration after that, please contact


FAQ: I’m sure I completed the registration, but I haven’t received the confirmation email . . .

A: You may have inadvertently entered a typo in your email address. Check with us at


FAQ: My District requires a quote before I can register …

A: Contact to get a quote but remember that until you are fully registered in our system, your seat is not guaranteed.


FAQ: I need to send some people for training, but I don’t know who can go yet. Can I just hold some places and let you know later?

A: This is handled on a case-by-case basis. Check with


FAQ: By the way, what is CASIE?

A: CASIE (pronounced “KAY-see”) is The Center for the Advancement & Study of International Education. We are an Atlanta, Georgia-based non-profit organization, founded in 1999, and working to promote international understanding through education programs, research, discussion, policy planning, and workshops. We are a long-time partner and official authorized workshop provider of the International Baccalaureate Organization.


When in doubt about event registration, please contact our Registration Manager at






Payment can be made by credit card when you register. Otherwise, the confirmation email you received after finishing your registration has a link to the invoice. Balance is due 60 days from registration date or/BUT must be received prior to the workshop.


Payment can be made by check, credit card [there is a link in the confirmation email to pay in the system], or by wire/ACH bank transfer. Contact to request wiring instructions.


FAQ: Is it possible to get a group invoice for multiple teachers? CASIE needs to register/update in our system to initiate the payment process . . .  We need an invoice that has the PO number on it . . .  We need your W-9 . . .

A: For these and similar payment-related questions, needs, and issues, please contact


FAQ: I can’t seem to make the credit card link work . . .

A: You can also call us with the card information, and we can enter it from our end – 404-848-9044, x4.


FAQ: Can I pay with a PO?

A: CASIE certainly accepts POs and considers them a confirmation of the registration and an indication that payment will be forthcoming, but we do require actual payment in hand – check, credit card, or wire transfer – prior to all of our events.


* Exceptions with proof/confirmation of future timely payment will be considered on a case-by-case basis



Cancellation & Refunds

In completing this registration, you are committing to paying the registration fee.


If you cancel your registration two months or more prior to the event date, you will receive a refund minus a $100 cancellation fee. After that (less than two months prior to the event), there are no refunds.


However, registrations may be transferred to someone else from the school (and, sometimes, district) for the same event and same workshop. Consideration for a different workshop at the same event depends on availability.


No-shows will not be refunded for any reason. No exceptions.

Substitutions & Course Changes

Registrations are fully transferable. To transfer a registration, please email with the following information about the new participant:

  • Name
  • Email address

  • New workshop, if applicable

  • Note that workshops are subject to availability

Attendee substitutions may be requested in writing up to one week before the workshop start date.

Course substitutions may be requested in writing up to one week before the workshop start date and are subject to availability.




Full attendance is required. For CASIE’s online IB workshops, that means 12 hours of direct synchronous instruction and attendance via Zoom, over three days, plus three hours of asynchronous instruction via the Canvas platform.


If you miss any of that instructional time, for any reason, you will still leave our workshops with a great deal of valuable knowledge; but you will not receive a Certificate of Attendance. Due to strict IB policies, CASIE cannot issue certificates for partial workshop completion.


CASIE will email a Certificate to each full participant, generally within two weeks of the end of the workshop. If you do not receive it, please contact us at


FAQ: I’m registered and paid; how do I log in?

A: We will email the login information and other workshop details one week before the event begins.


FAQ: My wifi connection went down, and I missed day three …

A: We certainly sympathize regarding the limits and foibles of technology; however, as indicated above, we are not permitted to give partial credit.



Here’s what you need to know/have to register:

  1. Your desired workshop and the category level. Please visit the IB’s website for workshop descriptions and guidelines. The IB provides very specific guidance as to who should take which workshop category. If you are uncertain, consult with your IB Coordinator (IBC) and/or department head.

  2. Your IB School Code. Your IBC should be able to provide you with your school's unique IB School Code, but the code can also be found on the IB’s website. On the home page, go to the “Find an IB World School” section at the bottom and search the name by Keywords. [If registering from a candidate school, list n/a as your school code.]

  3. Your IBC’s name and contact information and the name and contact information for the billing contact (the person responsible for payment).

  4. Your school's preferred payment method (this can be changed after registration if need be).

  5. To register additional teachers from the same school . . . click "Add Another" at the end of the form for each registrant. Once you are done with all of them, be sure to click "Finish" at the end of the form to complete the registration. A group confirmation email will be sent. If you require a single invoice for your group, please email

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