CASIE's Learning Lab quarterly workshop series is designed to address both the practical needs and the classroom dreams of educators.
Teachers wrestle with many different aspects of pedagogy and practice on a daily basis. At CASIE, we believe that thinking and learning collaboratively is one of the best ways to build a strong individual practice in the classroom. We developed our Learning Lab series as an opportunity for K-12 educators to meaningfully and deeply engage with new ideas while refining their own teaching. Each Learning Lab will feature focused content, active learning, collaborative work, expert support, and guided reflection over the span of two days of interactive learning with small groups and content experts.

Join us in Atlanta for a unique opportunity to experience an intimate interactive setting with some of the practitioners and researchers at the forefront of education today.


What to Expect: These two-day labs will be held in CASIE's comfortable classroom.  Your registration fee includes daily breakfast, lunch, snacks, and unlimited beverages. We recommend business-casual layers; these will be active workshops where you will be participating in group activities and movement. Bring your preferred device for digital engagement.

"... I was able to immediately put what I learned into practice in the classroom!! Awesome facilitator, great stories and activities!!"

-Anne Prouty, French American International School, Portland, Oregon

"Excellent Learning Lab. From the facility to the food everything was fabulous...I came away with a bank of conceptual knowledge, more than I ever knew I would!"

-Kimberly Schorr, Clubview Elementary, Columbus, Georgia

2019-2020 Learning Labs

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Maker-Centered Learning: Promises, practices, and pedagogies explored
Jessica Ross
Educator & Researcher

Design is all around us—from the objects we use every day to the systems we rely on for access to and participation in a democratic society.


This 2-day interactive workshop, designed for both maker-centered educators and those interested in learning more about design and maker-centered practice, will provide an introduction to the Agency by Design framework. The framework has several interrelated areas of focus: (1) explore why it’s critical for young people to develop an awareness of the designed dimensions of their worlds; (2) consider what it means to cultivate a sensitivity to the design of systems; (3) foster three capacities in young people to support their critical engagement with the designed world: Looking Closely, Exploring Complexity, and Finding Opportunity; and (4) understand the relationship between having a sensitivity to design and activating one’s agency—i.e., the capacity and inclination to effect real change in the world.


Guiding questions: How might we design ways for students to look closely, explore complexity, and find opportunity in and across the disciplines? How might fostering these capacities lead to maker empowerment and student agency? How do the components of the Agency by Design framework connect to your context?

Jessica Ross was a Project Manager on the original Agency by Design research initiative at Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education and is currently an independent consultant with various universities, museums, and organizations.

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Lindsay Redman, International Baccalaureate, Workshop Leader, Consultant & Accreditation Site Visitor
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Jim Reese, Washington International School, Director of the Professional Development Collaborative & Director of WISSIT


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