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IB Educators- Help with Your Frequent IB Wonderings

What are the requirements for professional development for IB World Schools?

Where can I find the descriptions for IB Workshops?


Where can I find the Programme Standards & Practices document?

Where can I find information about the revised IB Standards & Practices?


Where can I find out information about candidate registration fee elimination?


Where can I find information about the process of becoming an IB World School?


Where can authorized IB World Schools to find communication materials such as brochures, logos, posters, and presentations?


I am at an IB World School and need to know how do I register for a “My IB” account so I can access the Programme Resource Center.  Where are the directions for doing so?

How do IB educators apply to join the IB Educators Network (IBEN)?


Where can I read about some of the PYP Enhancements Information: 

Where can I find IB teaching resources?  

International Education Resources


I want to get my students/school involved in international/global learning while serving projects. Where can I find information to explore?

Global Citizenship & Service Projects

  • Kid World Citizen - Ideas, resources, service project, articles, and activities to teach your people about world cultures

  • PenPal Schools - Connects students from around the world to collaborate through online projects

  • Project Giving Kid - Virtual Walker in annual Walk for Hunger 

  • Save the Rain - Resources to learn about the global water crisis, specifically in East Africa, and for options to get involved in helping with educating communities to harvest the rain, reforestation, sanitation, hygiene, and sustainable agriculture through permaculture design

Professional Articles

How can I encourage curiosity in my secondary classroom to increase student engagement and learning?

What can I share with my colleagues to emphasize the impact of quality professional development on student learning?

How can I encourage teachers to share their professional knowledge and provide support for continuous improvement of practice?

How can we create sustainable, positive change in our school?

Evidence-based Learning and Teaching Resources

A+ Evidence-based Teaching website

Corwin Visible Learning plus 250+ Influences of Student Achievement chart 

Educator Tools

What free educational tools are other educators using for various applications?


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