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WISSIT Materials

Course materials for WISSIT 2017 are now available. If your presenter has chosen to make a file available for download, it will be listed below.

General Reading for All Participants 

Georgina Ardalan & Holly Blum, Co-Creating an Early Childhood Learning Environment Using Thinking Routines

Elise Heil & Emily Kuller, Using Thinking Routines to Develop Reflective Dispositions in Young Mathematicians

Kara Kling, Using Global Thinking Routines to Promote Empathy and Equity in the Classroom

Ben Mardell & Mara Krechevsky, Making Learning Visible: Children and Adults as Individual and Group Learners

Jaime Chao Mignano, The Hands-On Imperative: Take-Apart Practices and Making Culture

Leah Quinter and Jessica Proffitt, Making Learning & Thinking Visible Through Critique

Ron Ritchhart, Building a Culture of Thinking for Our Colleagues and Ourselves:  The Nurturing of Deep Reflecting Dialogue that Supports Teacher Growth

Ron Ritchhart, plenary, Close, Deep, Slow, Rich

Ron Ritchhart, plenary, Creating a Culture of Thinking Right from the Start: 10 things to Say Every Day to Your Students

Ron Ritchhart, Discourse in the Culture of Thinking Classroom

Kerri Redding, Using Media to Make Thinking Visible

Jim Reese, Maquita Alexander,  Cynthia Robinson-Rivers, plenary, WISSIT 2017: Looking Back and Beyond

Mary Hall Surface, Going Global: Expanding Perspective and Uncovering Complexity Through Drama

Mary Hall Surface, Standing in a Character’s Shoes: Deeper Meaning Through Monologues

Foun Tang & Ingrid Zimmer, Move, Think, Wonder… In Nature

Emily Veres, Using the Arts to Engage Learners in conversations about Global Competency: How Do We Construct Identity?

Liz Whisnant & Armandina Macias, Leading the Work of Visible Learning