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Frequently Asked

CASIE General Questions

What is CASIE?
CASIE is the acronym for the non-profit Center for the Advancement and Study of International Education. CASIE expands innovative practices that educate for active global citizenship. For more information about CASIE,  visit our About Us page.


Where is CASIE located?

CASIE's physical office is in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. As of October, 2020, our address is in the Century Center office complex. Please be sure to update your records to reflect our correct contact information and direct all of your correspondence to:


2635 Century Parkway NE

Suite 125

Atlanta, GA 30345

Where are CASIE events held?

CASIE hosts events all over the world! Please see each individual event's page for specific location information.

IB Registration Questions

What information will I need to register?

  1. Your desired workshop and the category level. Please visit the IB’s website for workshop descriptions and guidelines. The IB provides very specific guidance as to who should take which workshop category. If you are uncertain, consult with your IB Coordinator (IBC) and/or department head.

  2. Your IB School Code. Your IBC should be able to provide you with your school's unique IB School Code, but the code can also be found on the IB’s website. On the home page, go to the “Find an IB World School” section at the bottom and search the name by Keywords. [If registering from a candidate school, list n/a as your school code.]

  3. Your IBC’s name and contact information and the name and contact information for the billing contact (the person responsible for payment).

  4. Your school's preferred payment method (this can be changed after registration if need be).

  5. To register additional teachers from the same school . . . click "Add Another" at the end of the form for each registrant. Once you are done with all of them, be sure to click "Finish" at the end of the form to complete the registration. A group confirmation email will be sent. If you require a single invoice for your group, please email


Which category should I register for?
Please visit the
 IB’s website for course descriptions and guidelines. The IB provides very specific guidance as to who should take which course category. 


What is CASIE’s registration policy?
Click here for CASIE’s full registration policy. 


Where can I find my IB School Code?
Your IB Coordinator should be able to provide you with your school's unique IB School Code. Additionally, IB School Codes can be found on 
IB’s website. From the home page, go to the “Find an IB World School” section. Find your school and click on the name. The IB School Code will appear along with other information about your school.


Why do you request a secondary email? 
Many school filters will block incoming messages sent from CASIE's registration system. By providing a secondary private email, you will help us ensure that you receive all CASIE correspondence relating to your workshop attendance, including your official IB course completion certificate.


Can an IB coordinator register more than one teacher at a time?
Yes.  Complete a registration for the first teacher as the Primary Registrant and add all your other teachers to the same order.  To do so:

  • Click the “Add a Registrant” button at the end of the first registration. 

  • Enter the name, email, and other profile information of the additional teacher(s), being sure to select the appropriate category and workshop for each individual.

Upon completion of your multi-person registration, CASIE will follow-up with a single invoice reflecting the total charge for all registrants.


I need to send some people to training, but I don’t know who can go yet. Can I just hold some places?
This is handled on a case-by-case basis. For questions regarding teacher names, please email


What if I register someone and they change their mind or cannot go?
View CASIE’s cancellation policy.


What do I do if I need to change the name of one of the participants?

To request a registration name transfer or a workshop substitution please fill out this form.

Attendee substitutions may be requested through the above form up to one week before the workshop start date. Attendee substitutions will not be finalized until you receive written confirmation from CASIE.

Workshop substitutions are subject to availability of seats in the desired workshop. Workshop substitutions will not be finalized until you receive written confirmation from CASIE.

In instances where CASIE offers both virtual and face-to-face workshops in the same year, registration transfers will not be possible between these types of events. Registration transfers are only possible between the same type of events within a calendar year. Registration transfers across calendar years are also not possible.


Who do I pay and how?
View CASIE’s payment policy or reach out to


How do I join a waitlist if a course if full?
If a course is full at the time of your registration, you will have the option to join a waitlist. This option is a link located at the top of the course list page.  

  • If space then opens for that course you will be notified and given the option to accept the seat.  

  • If waitlisted, you are not obligated to submit payment until you are notified of, and accept, a spot in the class.  

  • Full payment for registration is due immediately upon acceptance of a waitlist spot.  

  • Please note, you should not move forward with travel plans until you receive communication from CASIE that a firm space in the workshop has become available and you have paid for your registration in full.


If I accept a spot from the waitlist, what is the payment policy?

Payment will be due immediately at time of acceptance notification.


How do I cancel my waitlist registration?
To cancel, simply email the CASIE staff at stating your name, course, and that you want to remove yourself from the waitlist. No cancellation fees apply if you cancel your waitlisted registration PRIOR to accepting a spot. You will automatically be canceled if CASIE offers you a spot and you do not respond in a timely manner. All registration and cancellation policies are applicable upon verbal or written confirmation of accepting a workshop spot through the waitlist.

IB Workshop Questions

Can I get a copy of my certificate of attendance?
CASIE will provide one digital certificate of attendance emailed to each participant at the close of each workshop. If you have not received your certificate within two weeks of the workshop’s end, please email to let us know.  


We are happy to provide a copy of your certificate of attendance to a specific CASIE event, or a report of CASIE events attended with credit hours within a week of your written request. If you are requesting information about a CASIE event attended BEFORE 2015, we will have to do paper research and charge a $20 processing fee to fulfill all requests. Pre-2015 research requires a minimum processing time of 2 weeks.


School/District registration & attendance history reports are available upon request from 2011 to the present. All reports are subject to a processing fee of $50 per each year included in the report. Please note that we are only able to provide reports for PD training received at a CASIE event. Reports require a minimum processing time of 2 weeks.


What if I need to leave the workshop early?
The IB and CASIE assume that all registered participants, as adult learners participating in professional development workshops, attend all 3 days of training to meet the IB requirement of 15 hours of instructional contact time.

  • The official IB course certificate of attendance participants receive certifies that the bearer has met the IB-required 15 hours of instructional contact time.

  • We do not adjust certificates to reflect actual hours of attendance should you fail to meet the IB minimum requirements.


Can I receive graduate credit for attending the workshops?
Yes! We have partnered with Kent State University towards this very purpose! Click HERE for information.

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