Frequently Asked Questions

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CASIE General Questions

What does CASIE stand for?
CASIE stands for the Center for the Advancement and Study of International Education. We are a non-profit organization which works with educators to promote international understanding through education programs, research, discussion, policy planning, and workshops. For more information about CASIE,  click here.

Where is CASIE located?
Our office address is located at 1165 Northchase Pkwy SE, Suite 220 Marietta, GA 30067​

IB Registration Questions

What information will I need to register?
You will need to choose a category and course and know your IB School Code. You will also need your IB Coordinator’s information, the billing contact information and payment method, and a secondary email address.

Which category should I register for?
Please visit the IB’s website for course descriptions and guidelines.

What is CASIE’s registration policy?
Click here for CASIE’s full registration policy. 

Where can I find my IB School Code?
IB School Codes can be found on IB’s website. From the home page, go to the “Find an IB World School” section. Find your school and click on the name. The IB School Code will appear along with other information about your school.

Why do you request a secondary email? 
Many school filters will block incoming messages sent from the CASIE registration system. By providing a secondary private email, you will help to ensure that you receive all CASIE correspondence, including your completion certificate.

Can an IB coordinator register more than one teacher at a time?
Yes.  Enter the first teacher as the Primary Registrant and add other teachers to the same order.  To do so, click the “Add a Registrant” button at the end of the first registration.  Enter the name, email, and other profile information of the additional teacher(s), being sure to select the appropriate category and workshop for each individual. Upon completion of registration, CASIE will follow-up with a single invoice reflecting the total charge for all registrants.

I need to send some people to training, but I don’t know who can go yet. Can I just hold some places?
Yes. You may register one or more attendees as ‘Teacher Unknown” in the name field. Please remember to notify CASIE in writing to as soon as possible and no later than the substitution deadline, including the name and email of the participant. These registrations are still subject to CASIE’s registration & cancellation policy.

What if I register someone and they change their mind or cannot go?
View CASIE’s cancellation policy.

What do I do if I need to change the name of one of the participants?
All name changes must be sent to CASIE in writing no later than one week before the workshop start date. Please email your request to Include the name, subject, and category of the existing registration and the replacement teacher’s name and email.

Who do I pay and how?
View CASIE’s payment policy.

How do I join a waitlist if a course if full?
If a course if full at the time of your registration, you will have the option to join a waitlist. This option is a link located at the top of the course list page.  If space then opens for that course you will be notified and given the option to accept the seat.  If waitlisted, you are not obligated to submit payment until you are notified of, and accept, a spot in the class.  Full payment for registration is due immediately upon acceptance of a waitlist spot.  Please note, you should not move forward with travel plans until you receive communication from CASIE that a firm space in the workshop has become available and you have paid for your registration in full.

If I accept a spot from the waitlist, what is the payment policy?

Payment will be due immediately at time of  waitlist spot acceptance. 

How do I cancel my waitlist registration?
To cancel, simply email the CASIE staff at stating your name, course, and that you want to remove yourself from the waitlist. No cancelation fees apply if you cancel your waitlisted registration PRIOR to accepting a spot. You will automatically be canceled if CASIE offers you a spot and you do not respond in a timely manner. All registration and cancelation policies are applicable upon verbal or written confirmation of accepting a spot off the waitlist.

IB Workshop Questions

What lodging would CASIE recommend?

Recommended accommodations can be found for our events by clicking the “Travel” link on our event page. Please be sure to mention that you are with CASIE in order to receive the discounted rate at these preferred hotels.

How should I schedule my travel itinerary?
We recommend that all out-of-town participants arrive the evening before the workshop starts, and that they schedule their flight departure no earlier than 3:00 pm on the final day of the workshop (and no earlier than 4:00 pm for international flights).

What materials do I need to bring?
Prior to attending the workshop, download and/or print all workbooks, subject guides, and additional materials that your workshop leader has uploaded or requested. Access to these materials will be emailed to the email addresses provided in the registration system. Workshop leaders will typically reach out to participants with further instructions. Emails with sensitive spam filters or Sender Address Verification notices may risk not receiving any communication from CASIE.

Is wireless Internet available at the workshop site?
Yes, wireless internet is available. CASIE encourages participants to ‘go green’ and bring an electronic device for workshop use. As with many large events, internet connectivity may vary depending on the number of devices accessing the network. To avoid potential problems, we strongly recommend that you download all workshop materials onto your machine prior to arrival in case you are unable to connect.

Can I get a copy of my certificate of attendance?
CASIE will provide one digital Certificate of Attendance emailed to each participant at the close of each workshop. If you have not received your certificate within two weeks of the workshop’s end, please email to let us know.  A complimentary digital copy will be reissued for up to 12 months following the workshop. Following this period, a $20 research and processing  fee will be applicable to all requests.

What if I need to leave the workshop early?
If you leave early, your certificate will reflect the actual number of hours you attended at the workshop. Please note that if you fail to fulfill the minimum IB contact requirements, you will not receive your certificate and your school will not receive its credits.

Can I receive graduate credit for attending the workshops?
Not at this time. CASIE is currently working with several universities towards this goal.

What are my ground transportation options?
To/From Hotel:

Subway: MARTA Northbound from the airport ($2.50) to Lindbergh Station and then call your hotel for their shuttle. You could also go to Buckhead Station, one more station north on the North Springs – Red Line.

Airport Shuttle: (Atlanta Airport Shuttle) will take you straight to your hotel (approximately $21 one way or $37 round-trip).

Taxi: Approximately $60 one way.

Hotel Shuttles: If you are staying with one of CASIE’s partner hotels, a courtesy shuttle will be offered to and from the workshop every morning. If you are staying with an alternate hotel, you will need to request the hotel shuttle at the front desk in the mornings and afternoons. CASIE shuttles will be available to take you from the school to the MARTA station on the last day of the workshops, or shuttles can take you back to your hotel.

Are meals included in the workshop fee?
We provide daily continental breakfast, lunch on the first and second day, and periodic refreshments at break times. 

How should I dress?
Our workshops are business casual and we encourage you to be comfortable, allowing for long periods of sitting, some walking, and temperature changes during the day.  We strongly recommend layers!

What is the weather like in Atlanta?
For our summer workshops, Atlanta will be hot and humid with the possibility of rain in the afternoons. However, the buildings are very well air-conditioned.  For fall workshops, the weather should be mild with cooler evenings.  Our best advice is always to bring layers and be prepared for rain.

Project Zero Conference Questions

When will the course schedule be available?
Presenters and courses are finalized six to eight weeks in advance. If the schedule of individual courses is not yet available when making your initial registration, you will be notified via email.

How long do the Project Zero Conferences run?
Project Zero (or PZ) conferences are two and a half days, typically running all day Thursday and Friday and half a day Saturday. Sometimes there is also a special pre-conference session on Wednesday. For the full schedule of the latest conference, go to the event’s Pricing & Schedule page.

What does a typical day look like?
On the full days of these conferences, there is a morning plenary session to kick things off. Participants select one of two strands to follow after a morning plenary session. Strands feature a major address by a Project Zero researcher, an interactive course, and a lunch hour. The times for each of those elements are different in the two strands.

Why are there different Strands?
We include strands for a number of reasons:

* They provide the opportunity for us to highlight more research and researchers from Project Zero.
* They allow participants to focus on particular topics of interest from the array of Project Zero research on offer.
* On a practical level, they help us stagger lunch hours and utilize fewer classrooms at one given time–major considerations in a large conference setting.

What about travel and lodging?
Please go to the travel page of the individual conference for information on airports, car rental, lodging, etc. 

What do I need to bring with me?
You will be contacted by email if your instructor provides preconference materials. In general, we suggest bringing an electronic device with any downloaded materials, a water bottle, a bag, and something to write on.

How should I dress?
The PZ conference is business casual and we encourage you to be comfortable, allowing for long periods of sitting, some walking, and temperature changes during the day.  We strongly recommend layers!

How should I schedule my travel itinerary?
We recommend that all out-of-town participants arrive the evening before the conference starts, and that they schedule their departure no earlier than three hours from the end of the conference.

Are meals included in the conference fee?
Please refer to individual PZ events as this varies. Typically, we provide daily coffee, lunch, and periodic refreshments at break times. Additionally a reception on the first day features heavy hors-d’oeuvres and cocktails. Lunch will not be provided on the final day.

Will I receive IB credit for attending the Project Zero conference?
No. Project Zero is not affiliated with the International Baccalaureate.