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Misty Paterson:

Creating a Concept-based Inquiry Studio:  
Igniting Agency for Authentic Learning
NOVEMBER 9-10, 2023
Atlanta, GA
Misty Paterson

M.A Curriculum and Instruction; PhD Student Arts Education

Imagine accomplishing your curriculum standards and instructional goals in holistic ways that feed the mind, body, and creative spirit. 


Picture collaborating with like-minded professionals to design hands-on learning experiences that build conceptual thinking skills and understandings. 


Welcome to Pop-Up Studio: a tactile approach to inquiry for concept-based learning by responsive teaching expert, Misty Paterson. Misty is transforming CASIE’s workshop space into a participatory studio so you can experience her approach firsthand, just like students in her classrooms. Through model lessons and guided reflection cycles, you’ll practice pragmatic methods that can apply directly to your context, thus building your skills to nurture inclusive, student-centered inquiry. Leave with a ready-to-launch action plan and support network to transfer your learning on Monday morning.


Expect an immersive expedition into Misty’s simple approach to inquiry with concept and materials. Activities will allow you to see, feel, and hear a studio-inspired, concept-based inquiry classroom firsthand, thus providing you with critical insights to create inquiry studios in your dynamic context. Plan for protected and facilitated time to formulate your own vision for an enlivened and empowering learning space. Ignite your students’ curiosity into meaningful ideas while fulfilling mandated curriculum standards with us.  See you in CASIE’s pop-up studio!

Get ready to explore and collaborate with others around questions like:

  • How do I build conceptual understanding and proficiency within and across subject areas?

  • How do I use inquiry as an approach to teaching concepts?

  • How do I ignite curiosity in students so that it sparks engagement into meaningful research?

  • What is a tactile approach to inquiry?

  • How will transforming my classroom into a studio atmosphere deepen learning?

  • How do I create a classroom environment that is concept-focused?

  • How do I design the classroom culture to nurture learner agency, risk-taking, and innovative thinking?

  • How do I inspire learners to bring their whole being into the learning process with purpose, heart, and care?

  • How can I realize my learning goals for students in ways that are enjoyable, sustainable, and consider their self-management, social, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills?

  • How do I teach today’s students for tomorrow in relevant, rigorous, significant, and engaging ways?


BONUS GIFT: Register a team of 3 or more and receive a FREE follow up
Q + A session for your team!

What some of our friends have to say about Misty's work:

NOVEMBER 9-10, 2023
Atlanta, GA

BONUS GIFT: Register a team of 3 or more and receive a FREE follow up
Q + A session for your team!
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Misty Paterson, M.A Curriculum and Instruction; PhD Student Arts Education

Misty is a trusted leader in responsive teaching practices and a lifelong learner herself. As a teacher, mentor, parent, seasoned facilitator and certified Concept-Based consultant with over 20 years of experience, Misty founded Pop-Up Studio and authored the best-selling Pop-Up Studio book to champion a creative approach to education. Misty empowers teachers of all kinds to integrate concepts, inquiry and play into multimodal studio spaces at their kitchen table, around a microscope, under a tree, across a classroom desk-- or anywhere really!


Spanning dozens of countries and thousands of learners, Misty’s research and practice supports a global movement to ‘pop-up’ curriculum with hands-on experiences that inspire meaningful, memorable, and merry learning for all.


Follow Misty on Twitter @PatersonMisty and Instagram @popupstudioed.

IF YOU ARE TRAVELING TO ATTEND THIS EVENT, we recommend staying at the Atlanta Marriott Northeast/Emory Area, which is down the street from our office. You can stroll over in under 5 minutes!

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